Brisbane – WW2 v Now Photo Booklets...From An American Archives' Photo Viewpoint

DISCOVER Brisbane's forgotten World War 2 heritage. This series of photo booklets features a large collection of rarely seen archive photos of Allied military sites around Brisbane during World War 2...

Launched by American Consul General, Sydney – 13 September 2006.

The booklets provide a photographic record of historic WW2 sites in Brisbane from 1942-1945 compared and contrasted to their uses today. US Services official photographers were active during WW2 in places where few others had security clearance to do so and were able to obtain a unique snapshot of the city. These images now lie 'doggo' in American archives, long forgotten about...

This series of booklets was prompted by fact that of the approximately 3000 images we've found at the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) so far, about 80% relate to Queensland, and most of those to Brisbane and it's environs!

I see this series as a way to bring this resource to the Australian public's awareness.

* Present stocks are dwindling, and we don’t intend any further RE-PRINTING. We are working to "pdf" them and make available electronically / digitally.

* Booklet #1 was a collaboration with Peter Dunn and released July 2005 to accord with the VP-60 commemoration.


Full Set #1-24 $160 + $15 post & handling (P&H) anywhere in Australia
1-6 copies (any titles) $10/copy + $4 P&H
7-10 copies (any titles) $9/copy + $9 P&H
11-15 copies (any titles) $8/copy + $12 P&H
16+ copies (any titles) $7/copy + P&H on application

These publications are an offshoot of my project to Bring Home The Images to Australia...

Brisbane WW2 v Now Booklet Cover Booklet Sample Page


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