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OTHER recent publications include specialised photo booklets illustrating specific Queensland airfields during World War 2...

Eagle Farm – The War Years...

A5, 32 page gathering of around 60 photos sourced generally from unit publications and US Archives of the Eagle Farm airfield, it's hangars and aircraft during World War 2.

This booklet was compiled as a walking tour guide around what remained in 2003 of the old Brisbane Airport site.

Cost $15. Free postage within Australia.

Eagle Farm Airfield Booklet Cover


Lockhart Coast...


A photo memoir of WW2 Iron Range Airfield and Portland Roads... A5, 40 page gathering of around 60 photos sourced from US veterans/unit albums and US Archives.

This booklet was prompted by a local request for tourist information.

* Present stocks are nearly sold out and we don’t intend any further RE-PRINTING. We are working to "pdf" this and make available electronically/digitally. Please indicate your interest.

Cost $20. Free postage within Australia.

Iron Range Airfield Booklet Cover




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Technicians from The Technical Air Intelligence Unit (TAIU) Repairing the Wings and Cockpit Section of a Japanese Nakajima Ki-43ii Kia Army Type 1 Hayabusa Fighter Aircraft in their Facility at Hangar 7, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, Qld. C 1943. Photo: Bud Clark.

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