Booklet 11: Cannon Hill – Engineer Depot
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Workers construct a 30x90 foot igloo type warehouse at Cannon Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 26 January 1943.

This example of wartime Igloo construction shows some of the great adaptability of the designer's idea. The arch frames had two elements - both IDENTICAL 'bent' nailed wooden box trusses. They were bedded on simple pin-joint foundation 'blocks' in the ground. They met at the top again with a simple pin joint. The larger frames needed 'crane lifting' but cranes just weren't available so they were hand-winched using 'gin poles'.

Here, is a rare example of the SMALLER Igloo frames, LIGHT enough to be man-propped into position. 'Work place Health & Safety' of those days allowed men to climb up the frame to fix the top. See how the next frame to be erected is positioned with one arch BOTH ends on the ground and its mate temporarily landed on the other.

I don't see any PURLINS, longitudinal timbers linking frames together, yet in place. That says a lot for the stability of each stand-alone frame but I'd be worried!

Photo: Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 176227

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